Residenties in de zomer in Het Huis

Tijdens de zomervakantie van Het Huis vonden er twee residenties plaats. Fractal Collective was van 27 juli t/m 17 augustus hun onderzoek  aan het doen en huismakers playField. was van 10 t/m 17 augustus in residentie.

Onderzoek Fractal Collective
Hoe werken verschillende disciplines bij elkaar? Urban dancegroep Fractal Collective onderzoekt in Het Huis hoe dans, beeldende kunst, film en hun eigen bewegingstaal bij -en met elkaar werken. Fractal werkt in dit onderzoek samen met de Japanse beeldend kunstenaar Daijiro Hama en Justin de Jager als co-choreograaf toe naar de voorstelling ”And the rest is noise”, waarin de waarneming van geluid centraal staat.

Hoe hun residentie er uit zag
Coming back from a three week residency in Switzerland, we started the process at Het Huis with the visual artist Dajiro Hama. He listened to our stories and watched movement material we created. Based on this, he started to experiment with visuals. The dancers dived deeper into a style called “threading” – minimal precise movement as well as “breaking” which derives more from a strong masculin energy and is about explosive movements.

The past two weeks we researched mainly two different directions of movement: Threading led by Justin de Jager and Footwork / Breaking orientated movement led by Zino Schat. We structured the show and build a rough sketch of four chapters. We realized how different our bodies are even though we all come from a similar background. We found a solution on how to combine these two different dance styles  and four bodies in the eventual performance. At the same time, Japanese visual artist Dajiro Hama was watching our rehearsal, getting inspired through the movement and our stories and experimented with his artwork. He is using a camera to project “micro-structures” with paint, water and chemicals on a big screen. We found visuals that we like and that will be eventually part of the show.  Next to that we trained our bodies and stamina with breaking exercises.

At the end of the week we had a good talk with Marijn, dramatic adviser from Het Huis. He asked some questions that helped us to think further and elaborate more on what we want to do. All in all we are really grateful for the opportunity to work at Het Huis. We got a studio space, beamers, sound system, a kitchen, a beautiful garden – much more than we could ask. We can advise any artist who wants to develop a show, to do it there! We hope to be back soon.

And the rest is noise – what is it about?
Fractal Collective & Justin de Jager collaborate with Japanese artist Daijiro Hama in And the Rest is Noise to research how noise can be perceived: somewhere between silence and buzz, between focus and distraction, between loyalty and letting go. In a versatile theatre piece, noise – usually understood as an unpleasant sound – is put into a broader perspective. In life we are surrounded by noise. A city that overwhelms, a phone that rings, a force that misleads.
And the Rest is Noise starts with a blank page. In an innovative soundscape and live painting, Fractal discovers the pure connection between sound, movement and monochrome visuals. Within this sphere they look for the purest connection between them. The rest becomes noise.

Op de vraag wat Covid-19 met Fractal doet, geven ze het volgende antwoord:
Due to Corona, the show got postponed. It should have been premiering in May 2020. The lockdown gave us more time to reflect on our inner conflicts. Moreover it gave us space to leave Amsterdam for a while and reconnect in a different environment. Without the lockdown, it could have happened that the show would have stayed on a more shallow level concerning relations and confrontations between the dancers. Moreover we thought about a Corona proof way to perform the piece.

Onderzoek playField. 
Wat herinner jij je? playField. is een van de vaste huismakers en doet deze zomer onderzoek bij ons in Het Huis. “We zoeken naar een soort online medemakerschap. Voor onze nieuwe voorstelling I Remember vragen we mensen van over de hele wereld om een herinneringen te delen.” Zo onderzoekt playField. hoe verschillende culturen met het principe van herinneringen omgaan. Omdat de cultuur en omgeving waarin je opgroeit de manier waarop je een realiteit ervaart bepaalt, en hoe en wat je je later zal herinneren en wat je kiest te vergeten. “Zo trachten we de “wereldburger” als medemaker te betrekken in een periode waar fysiek samenzijn niet altijd evident is: de herinneringen van alle toeschouwers zijn materiaal voor de voorstelling, de bouwstenen van een gezamenlijk verhaal.”- playField.

Kunstcollectief playField. onderzoekt in hun werk de relatie tussen kunst, wetenschap en technologie. Nieuwsgierig naar het werk van deze makers? Save the date: bezoek #2 BIAS tijdens Senses Working Overtime, op 11 en 12 september in Het Huis.

“I remember being completely mesmerized by a soap bubble”