PROGRAMMA Resident in Het Huis • Marko Ivic

09.00 t/m 18.00u Het Huis Utrecht

‘How can you translate the concept of ‘national identity’ to the stage?’

Composer and sound artist Marko Ivic grew up in Venezuela, a country which has been in so much upheaval in the past decade that he doesn’t really know how to feel about his national identity anymore. His research in Het Huis Utrecht focuses on the question what it means to be culturally adrift, of not having a place to return to anymore. Ivic doesn’t see this loss of identity as something purely negative though: it is also a process of liberation. How can we summon an idea of ambiguity and complexity towards the themes of national identity and the quest for belonging, and stop reducing them to just stories of pain and loss? Ivic and his collaborators will try to find a theatrical form that allows them to ‘reconstruct’ his sense of self on stage, using text, physical objects and sound as his building blocks.

Het Huis Utrecht came into contact with Marko Ivic through his works as a composer and sound designer in the work of theatre maker Espen Hjort, whose performances Goat song, My heart into my mouth and Happy together were made in collaboration with Het Huis. Ivic’ own research continues this collaboration, with Hjort being one of his artistic collaborators. Ivic’ compelling ideas about belonging and national identity feel very urgent in a time of mass displacement and geopolitical chaos.

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Residenties in Het Huis
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