PROGRAMMA Resident in Het Huis • Taciser Sevinc

09.00 t/m 18.00u Het Huis Utrecht

‘In what different ways do people practice spiritual balance and focus?’

In her graduation work in 2018, scenographer and theatre maker Taciser Sevinc used her knowledge of Kendo to initiate the viewer into a new way of looking at the world. For her new research, she asked herself the question: ‘in what other ways do people practice a mindful attitude, especially during the corona crisis?’ To answer this question, she will invite a number of people to join her in her studio during her residency from September 28 to October 9, for an interview. The different answers will lead to a presentation in which Sevinc will incorporate these different practices into a performative whole.

The  work of Taciser Sevinc came to our attention when she graduated from the Master Choreography at the HKU in 2018. She presented an audio walk in which she changed the world around you simply by making you look at it in a different way. It was a fascinating approach for a scenographer: creating new perspectives without physically intervening in a space. The focus on changing the outlook of the audience through sharing spiritual and mindful practices (from yoga to playing sports to cooking to…) can lead to a variety of outcomes, giving insight into the different ways people use to organise their thoughts and stay in contact with the world around them.

Residenties in Het Huis
In Het Huis werken door het jaar heen tientallen theatermakers aan onderzoek en aan de verdere ontwikkeling van hun kunstenaarschap. De makers krijgen van ons een studioruimte en begeleiding van het artistiek team aangevuld met productionele en zakelijke ondersteuning.