PROGRAMMA Performing Robotics • Conferentie SPRING Performing Arts Festival

10.00 t/m 17.30u Het Huis Utrecht

The SPRING Performing Arts Festival will take place from 16-25 May. Enchanting dance performances and documentary theater, ironic humanoids and agile bondage artists, Greek traditional dance and Indonesian noise come together in a theatrical journey around the world and to Utrecht. 

Organized by Transmission in Motion (Utrecht University) and SPRING Performing Arts Festival.

Robots are increasingly present both in our daily life and on stage. Theatre makers explore the possibilities of these new technological performers and investigate the possibilities and implications of a future of living with them. Also in daily life, the presence and behavior of robots raises questions that concern their dramaturgy and design: how do social robots address their human co-performers and afford interaction with them? What scripts do they follow? How to design and choreograph their appearance and movements?

This conference takes stock of interactions between theatre and robotics so far and looks at possibilities for future collaboration. What do the performing arts have to offer as inspiration, model, and test-case for the development of robots and for human-robot interaction? How might collaboration between the performing arts and robotics contribute to further development of social robots, as well as to critical understanding of what it will mean to be living with them?

Three days with more than 25 presentations and demonstrations. Keynote addresses by Peter Eckersall (CUNY), Maarten Lamers & Peter van der Putten (Leiden University), Petra Gemeinboeck (UNSW) & Rob Saunders (Falmouth University/University of Sydney), Kris Verdonck (A Twodogs Company) and Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll).

Conference attendance is free but registration is required.

For the full programme of the Performing Robots Conference click here.