MAKERS Sam Bachy & Paul Schmidt • memorabilia

Over memorabilia
memorabilia is een interactieve installatie waarin deelnemers samenwerken. Voortbouwend op elkaars input bouw je een persoonlijk verhaal van objecten.

Memorabilia is an interactive playable installation in which participants work together and, sequentially building on each other’s input, construct a personal narrative from objects unpacked from boxes. Members of a family come together to unpack boxes of personal belongings of a recently deceased relative and trace their shared history and how it defines them as their descendants. In the process they develop different contradicting images of what kind of person their relative was and what kind of life they lived. The players enact these different narratives through storytelling and try to convince each other of their version by a step-by-step unpacking of boxes. Their stories are crafted from the objects found in them, their personal family memories, and imagination.

The piece largely feeds from the players’ input and is therefore highly experimental by design. It shapes and re-shapes itself during the multiple run-throughs, as with every turn memorabilia is created anew by the current players, based on what former players left behind.

Over de makers
Sam Bachy is an Irish visual artist and scenographer based in Utrecht. He works primarily with mixed media installations and durational processes that allow for spectator participation. Through creating spaces and procedures for participatory activity he aims to challenge authorship within the process and create works that develop in unpredictable directions.

Paul Schmidt is a German Berlin-based game designer with a focus on pervasive and performative play that inspires participants to let their play be guided by intuitive improvisation. He is currently experimenting with soundscapes and voice recordings to allow and facilitate players to create their own personal storyworlds.

After a couple solo pieces, Sam & Paul teamed up as an artist duo and are now interested in the mechanic of players creating their own narrative when prompted with minimal, but association-rich props (storification) and how that frames the creative artistic endeavour as a playful process – not aimed at ending up with a finished product and easily entered by anyone willing to bring personal involvement. Sam & Paul’s pieces are therefore by definition work-in-progress and grow from the interactions of their players with them.

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