MAKERS Rhian Morris • Outside Within

Over Outside Within
In deze zintuiglijk meeslepende ervaring word je als deelnemer aangemoedigdom je volledig over te geven aan je zintuigen. Morris daagt je als deelnemer uit om met de ruimte samen te smelten door middel van licht, geluid en materialen.

A journey taken outside of yourself in order to go deeper within yourself. The boundaries of the human are not set in stone…we merge with the spaces we pass through, they infiltrate into us just as we infiltrate into them. In this sensory immersive experience you are encouraged to completely surrender to your senses. Morris challenges you to merge with the space by means of light, sound and materials.

You are invited to surrender your senses. Participant feedback: “Listen with your body instead of your head” “Made my consciousness surrender to its most primitive state.”

Over de maker
Rhian Morris is a scenographer who creates intimate sensory experiences which call
for a surrender of our human senses to the space. Her installations use light, scent, sound and tactility to explore the border between our inner and outer worlds. She recently graduated from MA Scenography at HKU, Utrecht where she began exploring the notion of ecological spectatorship, which she defines through her practice as the transcendence of our human boundaries to join with an experience in its becoming. She believes such moments are vital for humanity to experience the interconnectivity of the ecological web. Rhian is a member of the interdisciplinary theatre collective Gaia’s Machine, who recently performed at Amsterdam Fringe Festival, and presently are engaged in an artistic research project with geo-scientists. Previously Rhian graduated with First Class Honours in Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University, where she was also awarded the Birmingham Opera Prize for Stage Design.

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