MAKERS Noah Voelker • Who Wants to Meet a Real God Damn American?

Over  Who Wants to Meet a Real God Damn American
Lecture performance

Who Wants to Meet a Real God Damn American? is een lecture performance  waarbij Noah Voelker probeert te begrijpen wat het betekent om een ​​echte Amerikaan te zijn. Hij ontmantelt daarmee de vooroordelen die wij als Europeanen hebben, maar laat ook zien hoe sturend een nationale of lokale cultuur kan zijn in je ontwikkeling.

Who Wants to Meet a Real God Damn American is a storytelling performance in which Noah Voelker tries to understand what it means to be a real American. He thereby dismantles the prejudices we Europeans have, but also shows how steering a national or local culture can be in your evolvement.

Over de maker
Noah Voelker (1990), is a Texas born, Netherlands based theatre maker. He worked in the areas of theatre scholarship, storytelling directing, writing, acting, devised performance, sound design, and dramaturgical research. Before moving to Amsterdam, he was an Executive Director of the Aesthetic of Waste in San Antonio, Texas. His performance and theoretical research is concentrated in authenticity in performance, dialog practices, storytelling, power dynamics in performance, as well as extensive research and practice around audience participation/collaboration. He received his B.A. in Theatre as well as Economics from Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) and his M.A. in Theatre from DASTheatre (Amsterdam, NL).  He regularly collaborates with Ogutu Muraya (KE/NL), Pony Camp Kollective (NL), Shift Happens (NL), & TGSpace (NL).

Concept: Noah Voelker, eindregie: Stephanie van Batum, Adviseurs: Petra Ardai & Ogutu Muraya, met dank aan: Isobel Dryburgh, Cescolotov Tondeldoos, & Chi Fung.

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